I was planning to talk about Conquer Your Clutter and a listener question about purchasing clothing on sale, but then yesterday, Ari Fuld was murdered, and talking about buying things on sale the week of Yom Kippur just didn’t seem right.

So, this week on the JTO podcast I talk about, tafkid – your mission in life, how even in times of mourning we need to be careful about waste, like when you tear your clothing as a sign of mourning, Jewish Eco Funerals, and I talk about how my friend, Ben Goldstein, inspired me with a pre-funeral video that showed the unity of the Jewish people.

I apologize for the sniffling, but I recorded this episode about 5 times before I could even get through the fist few lines with out crying.

I hope you are inspired to reach your true potential, fulfill your tafkid, and pledge to make 5779 the year you finally Conquer Your Clutter, because too much stuff distracts us and hinders our potential.

G’mar Chatima Tova-May you be sealed in the book of life.