World Mental Health day is October 10th, and this week on the JTO podcast we talk about how Hoarding, since 2013, is considered a real psychological problem. If you have any mental health issue, you should seek help, now!

I talk about the different levels of hoarding, how hoarder is used as a general term and what type of help to get at every level.

I believe there are 4 levels of hoarders –

Level 4 – Black, someone who is in danger of being trapped in their home. This is a major psychological problem, enlist the help of a trained psychiatrist!

Level 3- Red, someone who is too embarrassed to have people come into their home.

Level 2- Yellow, someone who may still be embarrassed to have people over but can manage most of their day to day needs.

Level 1 – Green, someone who just needs a little help getting to their goals.

Of course each level has gradations, but however you identify, it is important to get help. What type of help you gets depends on the level you are, but which ever level you are, PLEASE GET THE HELP YOU NEED!!!

I cannot stress this enough, there is no shame in getting help, for any type of problem. None of us are perfect, and we all need help with something.

If you need help and you fall into levels 1-3, get in touch for in home service, or check out the Conquer Your Clutter course, ( which is DIY course, with one on one support from me, and a support group. We have videos, challenges, and live group calls. When you complete a challenge you get $30, there are 10 challenges, so if you do them all, you can earn $300 and have an organized home!

Regardless of if you get in touch with me or not, if you need help, please seek it. Do not be ashamed, there is no need to be!

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