There are a lot of reasons we put off decluttering, fear, worry, time, money, some of these are really valid, but never the less, we have to find a way to move past them.

Identifying the problem is key, often times we know that decluttering needs to happen but we don’t know where the set back is, you may think it is money, but really it is fear! You may think it is fear but maybe it is really time.

Maybe you don’t really want to invest anything in decluttering, you want someone to just do it for you… of course there are people who do this, but when you do, you just a delaying the inevitable, the clutter will return.

Clutter is just a decision deferred, so don’t defer any more, figure out what is holding you back and get help for it.

I am putting my money where my mouth is, book some free time with me at and book a 30 minute free session video chat with me. I will give you tips and tricks to get yourself going on decluttering and one time email support (that means you can show me some pictures of your success and I’ll help you on email with the next steps) but it is only good for the first 20 people, so don’t wait sign up and insert the code podcast78 after your phone number.

Don’t let fear, worry, guilt, money, time, or anything hold you back from being clutter free!

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