Did you know that 92% of New Year’s resolutions don’t get completed? What holds people back from crossing the finish line?

If decluttering is your goal – and even if it isn’t, what is holding you back from crossing the finish line and crossing your goals of you list?

Sometimes it is fear, money, or time, but even if those things are big factors priority is the umbrella they all fall under. When something is a priority, you find the money, make the time, and move past the fear so you can get it done. You cross the finish line, just like Leah- who I talk about in this week’s podcast.

If getting decluttered is important to you, and you need help doing it, get the help you need, you can work one on one with me, do CONQUER YOUR CLUTTER, get a friend to help you, or even another professional, it doesn’t have to be me, but don’t be scared to ask for help.

Sometimes you think to yourself, well I can do this myself, and I don’t need help, why should I pay someone to help me? The answer is simple, because you haven’t already done so yourself. When you hire someone to help you, they hold you accountable and force you to get things done.

So make 2019 the year you complete your resolutions – whatever they are, and get the help you need to get it done.

If you need some help- reach out, you can book a consultation with me here: or join conquer your clutter, the next class starts January 6th!

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