Do you feel stuck? If you do, this week’s podcast episode is for you! My guest Shira Gura has pioneered the S.T.U.C.K. method and today she is telling us all about it and how it helped her get decluttered.

Shira has graciously offered all the listeners of the Journey to Organization Podcast a free copy of her book- which I highly recommend you read.

In the episode we talk about how Shira got started and how the method helps her move past any negative feelings she has.

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You can contact Shira directly through her website and join her Facebook Group: Getting Unstuck.

Starting this January Shira is starting an online group program called, The Getting unSTUCK and Living Deliberately Journey”. She also offers training for groups on her method and one on one consultations and she would love to come and speak to you in your community so reach out to her and schedule her for a visit to your community.

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