This week on the podcast I give you 5 tips to help you declutter when you don’t live alone! Ready?

1. It isn’t you it is me… a lot of the time you are the problem – be honest – look at yourself and see if you are really holding yourself back – don’t automatically blame someone else.

2. Clean up your own space first… This is a no brainier- how can you expect your family to get organized if you yourself aren’t???

3. Get to the root of the problem -If you get stuck and feel like you can’t go on – now is a good time for some honesty – ask yourself – why are you holding on to it?

4. Respect the other people in your house – and their stuff- Respect that people let go of things at their own pace, and respect their stuff, don’t chuck other people’s stuff.

5. Set goals and assess needs together as a family – some questions you can ask to create goals:

  • What will our house look and feel like when we are done?
  • What do we draw the line at?
  • What do we agree we must keep?
  • How many of each type of object do we really need?

When you sit down together and figure out what is important to you it is a lot easier to declutter.


6. Show gratitude – for the hard work and progress that people did put it – acknowledge their struggles and remind them this is a marathon not a sprint –

Let me know how these tips work for you!

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