Wintertime can be a tough one if you’re trying to cut down on energy usage and costs. 

For those who may be new to a zero-waste lifestyle, by the time winter comes around, that zero-waste mindset goes out the door and you’re found cranking up the heat and swallowing the high bills. 

SPOILER ALERT: Winter does not need to be this way. 

This is why I compiled a list of 10 ways to stay warm and use less electricity this winter.

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Tip #1: If you have ceiling fans, run them backward.

Many ceiling fans have a little notch that you either flip or pull out near the motor to reverse the direction. Doing so helps push the hot air down from any vents, making the space warmer

Tip #2: Boil a pot of water (or better yet, make some soup!) to heat up the house.

The steam will help warm the room in general, and if you have an open kitchen it can help warm the space better- while giving you something warm to eat or drink!

Tip #3: Layer up!

Thermal or silk undershirts will help keep you warmer as you sit and work from home. I personally have started wearing wool socks to help keep my feet warm in the winter, and cool in the summer- and they are fantastic!

I also think it’s important to wear slippers to help keep you warmer and keep your feet off the cold floor. I have a pair of Ugg boots that I wear as slippers in my house, as sometimes it’s not enough to just have socks on while walking on the stone floors. 

Pro tip: Layer up in your bedding to help you sleep better and not overheat at night. Our body temperatures fluctuate throughout the night, and rather than having the heat on all night and getting overheated, you can change blankets instead. 

Tip #4: Hang winter curtains

These are especially helpful in keeping the cold and light out at night. But it is important to let the sun into your rooms during the day to heat the room up and then close the curtains at night.

Tip #5: Put area rugs on the floors in your living areas. 

This is a normal thing to do here in Israel.  So much so that many storage companies offer special cleaning for your carpets every spring before they go into storage until the next winter. 

Tip #6: Heat your bed up by using a hot water bottle (and unmake your bed!)

In the victorian era, they would use bedpans with hot coals to heat up their beds before going to sleep. You can do the same by filling a hot water bottle with water and sticking it under the covers as you get ready for bed. 

Tip #7: Make sure to seal your leaky windows!

In my house, we were losing so much heat from our leaky windows!   So I went online and bought this silicone sealant to fill in the gaps. It has made SUCH a huge difference in keeping the warmth in and cold out. 

If you have a large gap between the bottom of your door, you can get these foam logs that you lean against your door to prevent drafts as well. 

Tip #8: if you use heaters, utilize the timer function so you don’t overheat and to save energy.

(This one is a given.)

Tip #9: Remember that heat rises!

If you have a second level in your house, spend more time in the warmer area of your home. 

Bonus Tip #10: Exercise!

Make sure to move your body to get your blood flowing and feeling warmer.

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