I have been trying to figure out what to say to make this time manageable for you, so I decided on just telling my story and my truth.

Things right now stink. It stinks to be stuck in your house. It stinks to not be with friends and family for holidays. It stinks to worry about getting sick.

When we reframe the situation and focus on gratitude, even for those of us who have it really bad, I think it is easier to cope. Focusing on the good, and not let the worry take us over is difficult in the best of times, but in stressful times it can seem downright impossible,

I go over a few tips on how to reframe the situation and getting ready for pesach. If you need more help getting ready for pesach, check out episodes 5,6,7,8,9, 46, 50, 51, 52, 98, and 99.

If you need some one on one decluttering – reach out – let’s do my Done In a Day Declutter!