Yael Trush – the Jewish Latin Princess is joining us today to talk about the Jewish mindset to money, how to talk to kids about money, savings, and how we can create more abundance in our lives!

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [02:15] How Jewish Latin Princess got started.
  • [04:20] What it was like growing up in Puerto Rico.
  • [05:57] Some misconceptions about money and how to look at your money differently.
  • [07:15] Money is a neutral tool given to us by The Creator, and we, as Jews, have the ability to elevate it or not. 
  • [15:50] As parents, we need to set up systems that allow us to facilitate giving tzedaka and teach our kids that we are doing exactly what they do when they give tzedaka. 
  • [21:00] Tips on how to organize your kids and money.
  • [26:50] How to organize your expenses to make sure you have money to live on when you retire.
  • [27:48] Tip #1: Create a separate tzedaka account.
  • [28:19] Tip #2: Flex your saving muscle- set up a savings account with 3-6 months of expenses covered.
  • [31:05] Tip #3: Fund a happiness account.
  • [34:34] Why your money mindset MATTERS.
  • [35:43] We have to stop making a habit of worrying- you must exercise your faith muscle when it comes to thinking about money.
  • [44:42] Very often, we do not stop to think about what our own core values are. This can look different in everyone and can strongly affect how we spend our time and money.

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