woman sorting laundry

Quarantine got you down? 

When taking out the garbage feels like the highlight of your day.

Missing your friends and colleagues.

And the biggie – not remembering what day it is anymore!

Quarantine, lock down, Yom tov, shabbat, lock down, Yom tov, shabbat, quarantine… We don’t know when it will all end.

Sometimes, you think you are doing ok, then you just have this minute where everyone is in your space, it is all so loud, they all need something right now and you just want to escape.

Or maybe you are all alone and you think you are doing ok and then you think you may lose it if you don’t see another person very soon.  

I get it. I usually love being home. There were times when I may not leave my house for three or four days. But pre-corona days I could leave, and my kids were at school so I had some alone time for myself to think.

Now that we are all home together it does have a plus side. We eat meals together, we make our meals together, we play games together, and we watch movies together.

My work time is more focused because I want to get things done and get back to being available to my family.

Of course, aside from work there are still chores that need to be done throughout the home, like the cooking, shopping (online), and CLEANING!

One thing that has helped me through this is that my house isn’t a total mess. 


When we need to clean, it doesn’t take too long, especially since we divide and conquer (we being the key word here) but also because we don’t have to tidy first.

When we do need to tidy, it isn’t too difficult, the kids know where things go, everything has a home.

(Check out my article about how to teach your children to be more organized.)

The main way to keep clutter at bay and to stay clutter free is to make sure everything has a home and you keep your belongings to a minimum. 


My challenge for you is this:

  1. Take some time to find a home for your belongings
  2. Toss any items that are broken
  3. Donate (or put aside to donate) items that are in good conditions but no longer in use

And there you have it! 3 easy steps to avoid having to do a full scrub down of your home every day!


I can’t come to your home to help you in person, but I can help you get that with my new Done In A Day Declutter online service.

If you want a clutter free tidy home, let’s make use of this time together!

If you just need to chat cause you feel down, send me an email to [email protected] and say hi 🙂

Can’t wait to be in touch!

Happy organizing!

I couldn’t resist! Because this is EXACTLY how I am feeling lately!