Today is a good day to shop online.

Lots of places have deals, but instead of wasting your whole day sitting in front of your computer looking for what you need,  here are a few tips to save you time (and money!)

1.  If you can – don’t buy anything just yet

There will be more sales, today is designed to get you to fall down the rabbit hole and suck your time so that you buy more stuff you don’t need, thus giving you more clutter.

2. Make a list of what you need

Notice I say need here, not want.

Buying things you don’t need only adds to the clutter, takes up more of your time and wastes money.

3. Stick to your list

If you don’t need it, don’t get it.

If you REALLY want it, then follow tip #5, the one in one out rule.

4. Find the best prices.

Use an aggregator site like  (for those in Israel) to find the best prices on all sorts of things – so you don’t have to go to every site on the planet!

5. Stick to the one in, one out rule.

If you do buy something new, the same amount of stuff should leave your home!

If you need a white shirt, then get rid of the old white shirt as soon as you get the new one. If you get 2 pairs of shoes, then get rid of 2 older pairs of shoes, you don’t need to wear anymore when you get the new pairs.

Cyber Monday can be a successful shopping day for what you need, make sure to follow these steps and take a listen to episode 74 of Journey to Organization podcast for more on cyber Monday.