In general I am against gift buying and buying unnecessary stuff but often times I am asked for recommendations of items that I like (and dislike) that can help my clients maintain an organized and zero-waste lifestyle. Though there are many, many products that are not needed and will just clutter your home, there are a couple items that truly stand out.

I’ve compiled this great list of products that will support you on your journey to staying organized and help reduce your carbon-footprint as well! 

All of these items can be found on Amazon. Disclaimer: Some of these links are  affiliate links which means if you click through them and make a purchase I will earn a small commission. These are products I have used or vetted and recommend them because the companies are making an effort to really reduce waste. The reason why I choose to link to Amazon is because they started shipping to Israel in addition to the US and Europe.

*Helpful Tip For Those In Israel* Amazon is currently offering free shipping when you make a purchase that exceeds $49. But, make sure to keep your total order under $75. Why? Because if your purchase is above that amount you need to pay customs when your package comes into Israel (and possibly it might get stuck at customs- not fun!) 

I have also been hearing from friends and seeing online that many people who are ordering from Amazon are receiving their package on time and in some cases earlier than expected! Truly a win-win situation all around.

Here is a list of Balagan Be Gone’s favorite things Zero Waste tools. These items can be used around the house or in the office and can make great gifts. I’ve checked and made sure that each item ships to Israel. Each item has a four star or above review.  


Kuchenprofi Classic Dish Washing Brush 

Great eco-friendly product for your kitchen! 

This is a classic stainless steel handle dish washing brush with a natural/wood brush head and natural fibers. It’s lightweight and dishwasher safe. The handle is  made from stainless steel. Reviewers comment that the brush is very good quality with a simple design so you can easily replace the brush when needed. 


Simple Natural Products Wool Dryer Balls Handmade  

The perfect item for people who have sensitive skin!

These wool dryer balls help to prevent wrinkles and reduce static. They are  a hypoallergenic alternative to fabric softeners or dryer sheets, because they are made from 100% natural wool and contain no harsh chemicals. They are durable – lasting for thousands of loads – so besides being better for the environment, they will save you money too!


Nite Ize Reusable Rubber Twist Tie 

Ditch the plastic twist ties for something that can be used again and again!

These 12 inch reusable twist ties are strong enough for the most difficult job. They are flexible and reusable. These are useful for all your organizing needs – they are good for wrapping, hanging, cord organizing etc. Because they are waterproof and UV resistant, you can use them outside, and they come with a worry-free guarantee.


Premium Organic Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Swabs   

Love cotton swabs? Be a little bit kinder to the environment when you use ones that are biodegradable. 

Each pack contains 500 biodegradable bamboo cotton swabs. This zero waste, disposable product is made from compostable wooden sticks and cotton. It’s plastic free! Use these swabs for make-up removal, travel, babies or everyday cleaning. These are 100% eco friendly alternative – even the packaging is recyclable. Reviewers find the product sturdy and share that the cotton tips is precise when using them to put on makeup and they hold their shape when in use. 


Plus Paper Clinch  (staple free stapler)

Fantastic item for home or office!

What makes this Paper Clinch compact heavy duty stapler different? It’s staple free, which means you will be creating less waste. How does it work? It uses an inter-folding process to fasten up to 5 sheets of paper at a time. The Power Assist Mechanism ensures you can do every job using minimal force. Using this, you can easily shred and recycle papers, and you no longer need to worry about  staples getting jammed in the shredder or mixing in with your paper recycling. What a smart environmentally friendly product!


Lay-Flat Starter Reusable Storage Bag Kit

When you want to save on zip-plastic bags, look no further. One (re)zip bag can replace up to 300 disposable baggies. That’s a lot of bags not taking up space in landfills!

This 5 piece starter kit contains 3 lunch and 2 snack sized bags. Bags have a double-lock closure which provides an airtight seal. They are ideal for use at home or on the go. You can use them for snacks, sandwiches, fruit, soups travel, home organization and more. The bags are food-safe, lead-free and BPA-free. 


Spark Nature Biodegradable Wooden Utensils   

Plastic isn’t only bad for the environment, it can be bad for you! Cheap plastic usually contains BPA which is linked to an assortment of health problems when ingested.This  elegant looking, birchwood cutlery combo is non toxic, BPA free, and chemical free.

This product includes 100 birchwood spoons, 100 birchwood knives and 100 birchwood forks. These sturdy utensils are reusable –and if you choose not to reuse them – they are biodegradable and compostable. As an aside – they are also great for arts and crafts projects. The spoons and forks are fun to use for stamping and painting!


Stainless Steel Straws    

Plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past thanks to global awareness of the harm they can do to wild and marine life worldwide. A great alternative to plastic straws are stainless steel.

Looking for straws that are BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead and toxin-free? Look no further. These stainless steel straws are an eco friendly solution to the plastic-straw problem. The are reusable, and easy to clean. This set includes 2 medium curved straws for your coffee, drinks, juices, and soft drinks, and 2 wider ones for your smoothies. They are designed to fit all 8 oz to 20 oz size cups. The straws come with a money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy.


Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler Gift Box Bundle 

Looking for an eco friendly gift for someone who drinks anything and everything? Here  is a great idea. This gift set includes a 30 oz vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler with a splash proof lid, 2 reusable stainless steel straws, and a  pipe brush.

This tumbler is made from the highest quality premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel. The engineered insulation and closeable splash proof lid  keeps your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold, and the electro-polished interior will ensure your cup remains rust-free, One reviewer shared that this is an excellent mug for traveling. He filled the cup up with ice and water at 8:30 am and had ice cold water when he  arrived at his destination, at 6 pm. But what surprised him more was that the next morning when he took a sip of the water that was left in the cup it was still ice cold and upon inspection, he saw the cup it had some ice in it too.


What are some of your favorite organizational or zero-waste products you’ve seen on Amazon? Or maybe you already use some of the items listed above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.