zero waste lifestyle

If I told you how often I chuck moisturizer that cost upwards of twenty dollars every time I do a bathroom session, and how many bottles per session get the heave-ho you would be shocked. At least five. That is 100 dollars right in the trash, literally!

Forget the waste aspect and that most of these items can’t be recycled—100 bucks just went into the trash can!

What if I told you how many cell phones I have to take to recycling, or batteries, or computers, or ink cartridges….

The list is endless. We don’t think before we buy, and I am guilty of this also. We end up creating clutter and waste in our homes.

Some tips to help reduce our spending, waste and clutter:

When you want to buy a new COSMETICS, try before you buy. At most cosmetic counters, if you ask, they will give you a sample so you can try something for a few days before deciding if you really need it or it really works for you.

When you go shopping for CLOTHING, go with a list so you don’t overbuy.  This is especially useful when I go shopping for my kids.  I also keep a list of what they have, so I can manage what I spend on them and don’t buy things they don’t need.

ELECTRONICS are tricky. They die or break or become obsolete. Regarding your printer, try to reduce what you print to use less ink. Invest in a good cover for your phone so it doesn’t break, and buy the best one you can afford so that you don’t have to replace it quickly.  Buy the best quality headphones you can afford, most likely these will have a repair option.

In the end, take a few minutes to really consider the whole cost of what you are buying, not only the initial outlay of money, but how long will it last?  How much will it cost me to repair or replace the item? What will happen at the this items life, can it be recycled or will it end up as more trash and in the process clutter my home?

Clear the clutter, think before you buy.

What are some problems you have with spending that turns into waste? Let me know in the comments,