messy garage

This quick tip is one that I think is worth its weight in gold! 


 As a professional organizer, I get asked many questions – many are similar. 


The most asked question is how do I avoid clutter? Once the house is clean and tidy – what can be done to pretend the clutter from slowly creeping back into my life?


I answer them with two words:

Buy. Less.


It’s astoundingly simple. When I tell my clients this sometimes their mouth just drops.


Buy less? How? What does this mean? I can’t buy anything at all?


Sure you need things in your home but I think the big difference that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention is – the difference between need and want.


Often we want trendy new skincare or fashionable cheetah print pants. We blindly buy and then find that we never use the skincare item and cheetah print just doesn’t really vibe with who we are.


So they sit on our counter and closet taking up space, useless.


Reduce your clutter, spending, and waste when you buy less and shop with a list.


Go ahead and put something in your shopping cart and then wait 24 hours before you buy.


You’ll find that more often than not, you’ve either forgotten about the item, realize you already own the thing you were going to buy or realize it was going to be an impulse purchase. 


Bringing more into our overcrowded homes won’t make us happier in the long run!


Avoid the clutter, buy less!


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