Pesach is coming, my kids are on school vacation, I have some work, and there is cleaning, shopping, and cooking to be done. But I feel relaxed.

We will have 20 people at our Pesach Seder, this seems like a lot of people, but is it?  In my quest to make my life less cluttered, I have learned that I don’t need to haveeverything, or do it all myself.  I am learning, after all this time, to delegate.  I can let me husband help me.  I can let my children help me.  I can let my guests help me.

This year, (only my second year making aseder) I looked at my spreadsheet from last year (spreadsheets are a major part of my organizational philosophy) and for a moment I panicked. Most of the information I recorded had some how been deleted. I took a deep breath and started again.

I have recorded what I purchased, so next year I will know how much to purchase and I won’t over buy (since spending for holidays can get out of control), who my guests are, what I am making, recipes, and what I own already, and what I hope to buy for next year.   I also keep my to do list in this spreadsheet, some years when I am extra organized I break it down into a daily chore list, but mainly, my husband and I divide and conquer and speak about it till we are tired of talking about cleaning.

I have also made a what’s app group for my guests, told them the things I need help making and asked them to pick which they would like.  Some have even volunteered to come over and help me cook before hand. I am really looking forward to the company, as usually my cooking is a solitary job, and the camaraderie to increase the spirit of the holiday.

I feel excited for Pesach and welcome the cleaning and preparing I do to my home to allow my spirit to experience the true meaning of Pesach –  time with family and friends spent in a beautiful clean home, with plenty of food, and no worry – in a word, freedom.

What does freedom mean to you?

Photo:  Ripple Effect Seder plate by Laura Cowan – Judaica Designer –