I can’t thank you enough for your help I have so much more to go but I feel like I’m on a good pace for success

Rivka Lock

Power hours are amazing! I thought I would do one-hour w my son We did three hours w Rebekah and organized everything!

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Kerry Bar Cohn

Feeling really pumped! Getting through a super cluttered corner and so proud
I found the floor, something I really like using

Leah R

Today was my very first day working with Rebekah I am what you call a “surface abuser” – If I find an open surface, I fill it with something. UNTIL NOW! It’s 10 hours later and I’m still surprised by how much I got done today. This one counter is just a small example. It feels so great! Thanks for welcoming me into your group!

Jennifer Ables

A shout-out to Rebekah on today’s power hours! I got SO MUCH done while consulting with her on the hard stuff (what to keep, what to get rid of). We created deadlines for things I am on the fence about. She gave me permission to let go of things that don’t serve me anymore. It was fun being in the group to cheer each other on and feel the momentum gained from each other’s progress.

Devora-Gila Berkowitz

I have found this to be so helpful… you are always gently encouraging us to push ourself into doing more. I’m loving this process.

Yaffa Meyers