zero waste facebook groups

Support is key to maintaining a more organized and less wasteful life. If you live in Israel, it may seem that many of the blogs or groups you may follow have great information but it’s only relevant if you live in the States. 

For that reason, I decided to compile a list of great groups and organizations you can follow on Facebook for those who live in Israel but wish to connect with like minded people that live in the same area as them.  


Groups on Facebook

Zero Waste Israel

This group is fantastic for those who are looking for ideas, products, and news regarding living a zero waste life in Israel. Very active, tips and tricks regarding a zero-waste lifestyle in Israel are posted multiple times a day and questions that are posted are answered almost immediately. The group is mostly in Hebrew but other languages are welcomed. 


Organizing in Israel – Balagan Be Gone

This group is near and dear to me because I created it! I started this group to be a safe space for people who want support and recommendations as they try to declutter and create less waste in their homes. Although you do not need to live in Israel in order to join – many of the members do live in Israel and can help you find zero-waste products or organizational ‘hacks’ that are relevant to those living in Israel.



Eco-Israel is a group dedicated to sharing issues as well as solutions for living a greener life in Israel. Members of the group share and exchange information about eco-friendly shops, ecological actions and recycling information that help the reader make more earth friendly choices. The group is run in English but posts in Hebrew are also welcomed!


Community Groups

Looking for something a little more local? Search for zero waste groups that pertain to your area. For example, Modiin and Jerusalem both have a facebook group dedicated to zero waste. So ask around, search for a little bit and you may be able to find not only a group with great resources but also be able to get in touch with like minded people that live in the same place as you.

Found nothing? Don’t be afraid to dive right in and create a group yourself! Invite a couple of friends and choose what your focus will be. It could community clean-ups, zero-waste tips, or just a place to gain support. Let me know if you do, I am happy to join your group!


Organizations on Facebook

Plastic Free Israel

Plastic Free Israel is an organization whose goal is to promote awareness and share solutions about how we consume and dispose of single-use plastic. They also create coastal clean-up events to combat plastic pollution on Israel’s beaches! The group is run in both Hebrew and English. I recommend you follow them for news and great insights on how to live a more plastic free life.


The Beautiful Land Initiative

The Beautiful Land Initiative is a fantastic non-profit organization that is located in Northern Israel. It is dedicated to solving Israel’s heart-breaking litter problem while building community awareness. They team up with tourist and community volunteers to pick up litter in different locations throughout Israel. You’ll be inspired by their videos of clean ups which are posted weekly or bi-weekly. 


Have you heard or possible already apart of one of these Facebook groups? Are there any that you love that I forgot to mention? Let’s start a conversation – let me know in the comments below!