Minimalist bedroom



After chatting with a client of mine who during the lockdown,  packed up her family, along with what she needed for that time, and went to her inlaws, I was super happy at her realization:


She told me that she only brought what she thought she would need for 3 weeks and that she hasn’t even used all the stuff she brought.


She went on to say how surprising it felt to feel satisfied living with only a few objects.


She was somewhat dreading going home once the lockdown ended because she knew that there were lots of things that needed to be and organized as soon as they got back.


While she is ready to let go of a lot of her items,, and has done some of that work already, her husband likes to hold on to things, “Just in case.”


A pair of shoes that are basically worn out? ”Let’s keep it just in case.”


A hat I don’t wear cause it is too small/too worn out/I love it?  ”Let’s keep it just in case.”


A cable for an old phone we no longer have? ”Let’s keep it just in case.”


There are lots of reasons to keep things ”just in case.” 

 After you declutter,  you may find that something you decluttered would have come in handy. However, in my experience, this happens to everyone 1 in every 500 items.


It is fairly rare, and the feeling of “Oh darn, I had that before!” isn’t as strong as “I am so happy to have so much space/time/organization!” (Whatever that feeling is for you!)


So for today – I ask you, respectfully, (and please don’t make me beg you!) to let stuff go and declutter.


All this stuff just sits in your home and takes up space, time, and energy.  Even if you don’t think it does,  on some level, you are always worried about your stuff.  Now is the time to let your stuff go.


Don’t worry about the what if’s – make space for more blessings to come into your life.

And the best news? You can start today!  Book a consultation and let’s do this!