family decluttering

Getting your house in order can seem like a daunting task, especially when you plan to take it all on your own. 

But what if I told you there are some tried and true ways to get the WHOLE family involved with decluttering and organizing your home? 

Nope, it doesn’t involve brain washing or bribing. Keep reading to find out how!


Set a common goal

The first step is to sit everyone together and discuss what organizational goal you are trying to meet. Communication is key when tackling a big project whether it be at work or at home. 

Your family members are now your teammates against the battle of the clutter! If you are working with children that are resistant – try this tip. Be as specific as possible! I go into why here.

What will your goal be?


Divide + Conquer

Now that the game plan is in place, it’s time to designate areas where people will be decluttering and cleaning. If you are working with children (small and big alike) try your best to give them age appropriate tasks to complete

Another thing to keep in mind is to give help when help is needed. Remember, you’re on the same team working towards the goal of riding your space of clutter (and stress!) Try your best not to expect too much of anyone, and if you see someone in need – help out!


Have fun!

True, you may be the type of person that can focus and go until the job is done. Or maybe the thought of cleaning with your family sends you into a panic (never panic!) 

Why not shake things up a little bit? Take a look at some fun games you can play while organizing! It can take some of the tension off you while also creating enjoyable memories for the whole family.


Keep It Up

Make sure to set a good example for your kids, partner, whoever it is that you feel could use a couple of lessons in cleanliness. Wash the dishes as soon as they go in the sink, fold and put away laundry, or show how you love keeping your area neat and tidy. You never know who may be watching!


And I’ll leave you with this gem that has helped me and SO many of clients as they clean and re-organize their homes – perfect is the enemy of done!


Inspired? Have questions? Maybe want to pick my brain more on how to get your kids to participate?

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