Do you feel like you are constantly responding to emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages,  and phone calls?

If you’re sitting here, screaming at your computer screen “Yes! That’s me!” try dedicating certain times of the day to tackling these communications. 

This allows you to focus on other tasks during the day, and accomplish more than getting your inbox to zero. 

And no matter what, you CAN do it!  It is all about managing expectations.

But, if you’re sitting by your computer thinking I don’t need to do this, I can handle everything!” Then I want to share with you the cold, hard truth:

If people see that you are available ALL the time, then they will expect you to be available ALL the time, and they will call you ALL the time.  

This is definitely NOT a habit you want to form! 

Instead, if you tell your colleagues, “I only check my emails from X time to Y time” they will understand when you don’t answer right away.

My tip: To help manage expectations,  put an auto-responder on your email that says something such as:


“Thank you so much for your email! 

I answer emails from X time to Y time and A time to B time. 

If you are emailing me outside of those times, I will get to your email as soon as I can. 

If something is urgent  – please reply to this email and mark the subject URGENT. If something is an emergency and cannot wait, then call me at XXX.XXX.XXXX.”


While you can’t do the same for most text messaging platforms, you can always leave a few minutes of time at the end of each hour to check any new messages.  

For example, when you are doing a task, set a time for 50 minutes.  Work that whole time, then use the last ten minutes of the hour to check your phone.

 (You can also do this for your email if you think you need to glance at what is coming into your inbox!)


It takes discipline to initiate this system- but it can happen. And when it does, it is worth it!


Are you willing to try it?


If you struggle with time management and want to get organized to do the things you love (and actually WANT to do)  book a consultation with me for one on one coaching or check out my It’s About TIME – Management online course for all my tips and tricks! 


Happy organizing!