folding winter sweaters

Changing your wardrobe is the perfect time to declutter and take inventory, not to mention curate a beautiful capsule wardrobe!


Check out my top 5 tips to help you declutter while changing seasons in your closet in the video below!


Use this time before winter weather starts to curate your best collection of clothing.  


Let go of what no longer fits, what isn’t in good condition, what you can’t repair (or won’t), and all the things you don’t use anymore, for whatever reason.


If you don’t like the texture or fit of a garment, pass your blessings on to someone else!


In the meantime, for all the things you are moving into the closet now – here are some tips:


  1. Keep sweaters looking their best
    Fold, don’t hang them! I like to fold them in the envelope style in my drawer.  This way I can see them all and when I reach for one, it doesn’t topple the stack or make a mess.

  2. Hang what you can
    I find that hanging keeps you tidier and saves time because you don’t need to try to fold everything and fit it all in. I use these Velvet Hangers
    to keep my clothing in place.  They are great cause they take up less space, but are still strong and sturdy.  For leggings and skirts, I use these clips that attach. 

  3. Limit washing
    You know when you wear a sweater but you wore a t-shirt underneath and the sweater isn’t really in need of a wash but you want to keep it smelling fresh? Or for pants, skirts, dresses, PJs, and anything else that isn’t really “dirty” but you want to smell fresh, use a linen spray.  This is better for the environment because you reduce water and electricity usage, but it also keeps you tidy.  When you use a linen spray (
    like this one)  you can hang the item back in your closet and you don’t have to leave everything hanging on the side of the chair or treadmill! You can also use this to refresh the linens on your bed and your room in general.


Now that everything is organized let’s store what you want to put away for the season!


Here’s how to store your clothing for winter:

  1. Use suitcases to store out-of-season clothing
    Maximize your space, especially if you live in a small space, and store your off-season clothing inside your suitcases.  If you travel a lot or if you need clothing in different places, use these breathable storage cubes to help you store the off-season clothing.

  2. Use your space wisely.
    These beautiful under-bed storage boxes are perfect for under the bed or on a shelf since they stack well and have easy access.
  3. Try storage bags.
    These are great storage bags for storing large items and have a peep-through window so you can see what is stored in which container.
  4. Use breathable canvas storage boxes.
    These are perfect for delicate items or fitting in your suitcase specifically silk and wool, but make sure to add cedar chips to keep bugs at bay. You can also use these in your closet now to help keep bugs away!


When putting away your off-season clothing, take the time to make sure you put it away as clean as possible so you don’t have surprise stains when you go to use the item next season!

Do you need accountability in changing your closet?  I’m here to help wherever you live.  Join the online group decluttering Power Hours sessions and let me help you declutter, change over your closet, create a capsule wardrobe, and tidy up!