Journey to Organization Podcast

Recently, my podcast Journey To Organization by Rebekah Saltzman been listed as one of the top 15 ‘zero-waste’ podcasts to listen to by FeedSpot blog. This, of course, is a huge honor and a great achievement – one that I am very proud of!

I have recorded and edited over 100 episodes. That’s a lot of speaking! So, if you’re new to Balagan Be Gone or my podcast it can be a little bit daunting at first to know where to start. Coming up with a short list of some of my favorite podcasts just seem like the right thing to do.

This list I came up with is great even if you’ve been listening to my podcasts for a while! 

With that in mind, I went through all my podcasts and I handpicked 4 episodes that will help you jump start your organizational journey!

058: Cleaning Hacks, Laundry and Dishes

Here I give my best tips and tricks for getting laundry done and cleaning out the dishwasher. I also talk about my favorite tried and true cleaning methods (and supplies!) and how they rate on the eco scale. 

Listen to this podcast here

053: More Possessions, More Worry

In this podcast I talk about an idea from pirkei avot (2/8) and how owning more possessions can actually lead to more worry. This is a great podcast for those wanting to learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle through jewish sources.

Listen to this podcast here

063: Interview – Chaya Hinda Allen

This particular podcast is near and dear to me. I interview my mentor and friend, Chaya Hinda Allen. She runs a course called Jewish Positive Thinking which helped me implement some big and positive changes in my life. We talk about letting go of extra stuff, time management, and how to get rid of worry. A must listen for those who believe that your core beliefs can change the outcome of what we do.

Listen to this podcast here

087: Alana Slot Stern – Thrive with ADHD

Another interview with an incredibly strong woman – Alana Slot Stern. She is an ADHD coach for women and we spoke about what ADHD looks like in women and girls and different ways to manage it. If you suspect or know that you have ADHD this is a podcast that you won’t want to miss!  

Listen to this podcast here


What are some of your favorite podcasts from Journey To Organization? Let me know in the comments!