I have a question for you: How many packages of paper napkins do you go through in your house?


Have you considered using cloth napkins? You can even make them yourselves by getting a bunch of fabric, cut to size, and sew the edges to keep from fraying.


Here are some tips on napkins:

  1. Reuse napkins – they can be used for a few meals if they aren’t really dirty, we put them on the back of each person’s chair since we have specific seats.
  2. If you don’t have specific seats give everyone a different color so they can reuse them.
  3. You can use paint to put each person’s initials on the napkins to help reuse them.
  4. Have a different pattern for Shabbat to elevate your table.


Do you think you can make the switch? Maybe just one night a week?


You may be thinking, “But Rebekah, this will take up so much space and take up so much time!”


It seems like that,  get it.  But you most likely already have some in your house that you just aren’t using  (and what’s the point in that?) 

If you used up the paper napkins and had that space free you would see, it wouldn’t take up too much space, you can reuse them a few times before you wash them, and you can throw them in with the rest of the wash or other towels.


This saves you time and more money in the long run because, with paper napkins, you end up running to the store every time you run out.

So on this zero waste Wednesday,  I challenge you to make the switch, starting with at least one time a week, to reusable napkins! Your wallets and the environment will thank you! 

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