Take Back Your Space

Learn how to organize your home for good!



Erase Your Stress With Power Hours

Productive hands-on virtual organization group sessions

In 3 Hours or Less (but trust me you’ll want the whole time) you’ll…

  • Create your declutter & organization goals — we’ll break it into actionable steps together.
  • Set a timer for each task — you’re getting things done! And I’m checking in every 20 minutes.
  • Access To Me the entire time — a Professional Organization Expert will be right there with you in case you get stuck.
  • Get honest advice and feedback — we’ll get you to where YOU want to be!

PLUS… Anytime Inspo with the Power Hour Bingo Board — for when you need an extra push!

You Have Options

Choose your monthly plan to FINALLY get rid of Balagan

$40 per month
(Save $5)

  • 1 Power Hours Session
  • Refer a friend: you each get 10% off that month
  • Access to Our Private WhatsApp Accountability Group

$77 per month
(Save $13)

  • 2 Power Hours Sessions
  • Refer a friend: you each get 25% off that month
  • Monthly Decluttering Challenges — to keep you on track
  • Exclusive Expert Advice & Resources
  • Access to Our Private WhatsApp Accountability Group

$157 per month
(Save $23)

  • Everything in Silver PLUS…
  • 2 Extra Power Hours Sessions (that’s 4 total Power Hours Sessions)
  • Refer a friend: you each get 30% off that month
  • Exclusive Time Management Class —organize your most valuable asset: time
  • Access to Our Ticket in Our Monthly Raffles (organization goodies anyone?)

$397 per month

  • Everything in Gold PLUS…
  • Unlimited Power Hours (reach me on YOUR time — ANY TIME)
  • Refer a friend: you each get 40% off that month

How You Save with a Membership

Non-Member Power Hour — $45 per session

Base — 1 Power Hours Session — $40
Silver — 2 Power Hours Sessions — $33.50 per session
Gold — 4 Power Hours Sessions — $34.25 per session
Platinum — Unlimited Power Hours — $16.42 per session

Your Confidence is Here

Make Space for Your Needs

Removing the clutter opens your home up to new possibilities. Prioritize your needs again and freshen up your space.

Welcome Visitors Whenever

No more rushing to get the house prepped. It will always be ready for family and guests — no matter the occasion.

Find What You Need When You Need It

Gone are the days of panic-searching through every drawer and closet. Find it with ease and move on with your day — no stress or tears necessary.

What People Are Saying

Hi, I’m Rebekah
Professional organizer and recovering perfectionist

As a busy mom of 3, my life used to turn to CHAOS before I got organized. I’m talking floors covered in anything but floor — dishes everywhere in sight —  drawers and closets filled with things I can’t remember buying (but couldn’t seem to let go of).

Sound familiar? 

Before I decluttered I was ALWAYS tidying up. It felt like I never had time for the things that mattered.

Letting go of the things that didn’t serve me was HARD. Who likes to throw away things, anyways? But organizing my home changed my life. 

Seeing how different — no — better my life became, I KNEW I had to share these secrets with others.

So I started helping those in my community and WOAH! did it change their lives, too. You see — I’m a no-nonsense kind of person. I helped them streamline everything in their home. We made the most of what they needed. The rest? We donated, sold, gave away, and got rid of.

The old saying really is true: Less is More.

Listen — I know it’s hard letting go. But I promise it will make your life better.

Doing it alone is scary. Join ONE Power Hour session and get the support you deserve. See how decluttering transforms your world in ways you never thought possible.

You have questions.

I have answers!

Do I have to stay for the whole Power Hour Session?

No. Sessions are 3 hours — you can come and go as you please. But trust me you’ll likely stay the whole time (most people do).

Is it worth it?

Short answer: Yes.

Most Professional Organizers charge $55- $130 per hour. You’re paying $45 for 3 hours at most. (Upgrade your membership for an even lower rate!) You get virtual access to a Professional Organization Expert anywhere in the world. PLUS, an Accountability Community to keep you on track throughout the month.

Is virtual organizing really going to work? Wouldn’t in-person be better?

Most people need a plan, guidance, and accountability. You get all that (and more) from Power Hours. It’s all the benefits of a Professional Organizer at a much lower cost AND with worldwide access.

In-person sessions are meant for extreme disorganization. If you’re unsure what you need — reach out. I’ll give you my honest opinion on your best option!

Why are Power Hours a group call?

This keeps your costs affordable. You’ll spend the session working on YOUR personal goals. Everyone works on their projects independently — members aren’t asked to help other members.

If you’re easily distracted by others, we’ll move you into a Quiet Breakout Room. I’ll pop in when you need help or move you into the main room when it’s Check-In Time.

What if I don’t want my camera on — or need to walk away at times?

You can turn your camera off while you’re working or for the entire call. Everyone is muted and working independently. Everyone on the call is focused on their tasks.

We can hop in a Private Breakout Room for any extra privacy needs.

Personalized Organization Help

Not only do you get Professional Organization Help — you ALSO get a community to lean on. Our group is uplifting and we hold each other accountable. Why? Because we get to know each other AND celebrate wins — together.