Glass food containers

Even though my portion size has shrunk considerably since I had bariatric surgery I still do meal prep for me and my kids. 


Most of the time I’m eating at home, so I don’t need to do much prep, but I find that prep really helps with certain small things.  For example, I like to add ground flax and chia seed to my morning cottage cheese or yogurt.  I pre-grind them and keep them in the fridge in repurposed glass jelly jars, but at the start of the week, I find it’s easier to pre-measure the portions into small glass jars, with a bit of cinnamon.  It may seem like it is more to wash, and it does take an extra second, but I find it’s faster to measure all the small jars at once than to bring out all the big jars in the morning. These small jars are also good to bring along salad dressing, granola, and nuts. 


For regular food storage – I like these Pyrex rectangle containers.  They come in a few different sizes, they are glass, (healthier than plastic) and have different color lids so you can coordinate for kashrut. 


For on-the-go, I like to avoid plastic, but glass can be heavy so metal is a good choice – these WeeSprout Stainless Steel Bento boxes have compartments and silicone sleeves and fit in lunch boxes really well. If you need something a bit larger – this ecozoi  Bento Box holds seven cups of food and latches securely. 

I also like to use reusable sandwich bags as they are really light and easy to clean in the washer or dishwasher. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns so you can get the set that suits you best!


Of course, an insulated lunch bag is important – the SoYoung line has the perfect one for you, with multiple carrying options and removable inserts for easy cleaning, and beautiful patterns. Don’t forget an ice pack to keep it all cold!


If you’re doing meal prep (several of the same meal all at once) yay!  The 16 oz wide-mouth mason jars are really good for soup, salad, pasta, or tons of other DIY recipes. They close securely and if the ring or the disk starts to rust you can always get a replacement.  You can also use these in the freezer, just make sure, for liquids, to leave at least a 1” space at the top. 


If you’re looking for something with compartments  – try these 36 oz glass containers with locking lids.


Of course, you need something to eat with – I always keep a stainless steel spork in my purse, it comes in super handy, but if you like full-size cutlery and don’t want to bring from your regular set, this comes in several colors (perfect for meat and dairy) and is compact.  


What are you doing to meal prep and stay healthy?


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