zero waste swaps at home

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have been on this journey to organization for a few years.

But it is more than just living a more organized life, but a zero-waste life.

Living zero waste has definitely been an adjustment for me and my family. Thankfully, I have a supportive husband who jumped right on board to living more zero-waste.

But it has been about the small steps my family takes, every single day, to living more zero-waste.

Swapping single waste items out for reusable, sustainable items is not just better for your wallet, but it’s better for the environment, AND it helps make staying organized easier!

How is reducing waste related to decluttering and organization you ask?

Simple, when you reduce what you buy, you have less clutter.

More than that, when you reduce what you use, you have less clutter.

Here are some examples of swaps we have made to become more zero-waste:

Pads/Tampons —–> Menstrual Cup

The monthly cost of pads and tampons is around 30 NIS per month or greater. Switching to a menstrual cup is a one time cost of anywhere from 40-150 NIS but they last anywhere from  2-10 years. 

Even if you replaced it yearly it would still be cheaper than buying disposable products, and less wasteful, (and less dealing with smells and taking out the trash!) it takes up less space, you never run out and it is better for your body. (Period underwear, such as Thinkx brand,  are also a good investment!)

Bottled Water —–> Reusable Water bottle

Bottled water takes up a lot of space requires a lot of schlepping and isn’t great for your body. Even if you have the big water bottles through a dispenser – getting those things in the dispenser without throwing your back out is difficult. So many of my clients spend so much time organizing the bottled water – what a waste of time and space. 

Personally, we have an Afikim water bar (not sponsored) and the beauty of it is we can get hot or cold water on demand (I try to unplug it at night or if we go away) and it has a mode for Shabbat so I don’t use a Brita or an urn! (that takes up less space) We use the water bar to fill up our reusable water bottles – we like the ZOJIRUSHI ones

I admit the water bar takes up room on the counter – but I think because it takes the place of other appliances and is always ready it is worth space. Be careful not to let reusable water bottles take over your home, one or two for each person will do.

Disposable razors —-> Safety razors

This one isn’t such a big space saver but it is better for the environment and does take up less space in your home.

Disposable razors are either the whole razor or the razor head – the whole razors obviously take up a lot of space to store and can get pricey – same with the swap on the razor head – in both cases, they are plastic or come in plastic and cannot be recycled or reused in any way. 

I use a vintage safety razor that I got second hand with a razor blade. The razor blades come wrapped in paper, you can recycle the paper, and you can even recycle the blade. 

I keep a tin around to keep them in, when it is full, I tape it shut and you can recycle it. (I also put in my small pieces from my Shabbat candles for recycling.)

 It ends up being so much cheaper and even though it is a small amount of space-saving, it still is less space.  You can usually buy around 100 blades for a few dollars and they last for a really long time (over a year!)  making these safety razors a better investment!

Disposable toothbrush —–> Disposable toothbrush head

We always keep extras on hand – but it takes up less space and is better for the environment to not have to throw away the whole thing – I use the Radius brand. 

All I do is swap out the head – it takes less space to store – and it looks nicer than those plastic ones.  The head is still plastic, but less plastic. I also keep a stash of bamboo brushes for guests – you can throw them right in the composter!  

Got any questions? Book a consultation with me today to discuss how you can get organized and start living a zero-waste lifestyle as well!