It’s National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day! 

Be honest with yourself – how much is living on your computer’s desktop right now? (And your phone?)

A bunch of unwanted files that might as well be moved to trash? Or, even WORSE, do you have important files saved there that risk being lost? 

Just like your physical belongings, everything on your computer needs a specific home and should be backed up regularly! 

Setting up file trees and naming practices is worth it because it’s easy to find files when you need them, (avoiding them falling into the digital abyss).

Letting go of files you don’t need will help your computer run faster, frees up space and extends its life.

Backing up your files to an external drive or online cloud gives you peace of mind and ensures you don’t lose access to files.

Set 15 minutes aside today to make it happen. 

Need more than 15 minutes?

Not sure where to start?

Do you want some accountability with your digital decluttering?

Join Power Hours this week! Organized files and peace of mind are waiting for you.