In this week’s Parsha – VaYishlach – We learn about exactly how to treat our possessions.  

Jacob shows us how caring for our possessions is imperative.  Even when moving (can you imagine all those people, animals, and possessions? Without any moving boxes???)

There’s a small little verse if you blink you’ll miss it – it tells us how Jacob stayed on the other side of the river (from his family) after he crossed them and all their belonging. 

The commentators there tell us that Jacob had to go back to his last encampment to find some small little clay pots.

First of all, can you believe he even notice, in all the commotion, that they were missing?  

Second, do you believe he went back for them? 

Seems crazy right? 

There are several opinions as to why he went back for them, but without getting into that – let’s analyze the simple action of being a responsible owner. 

At this point, even with his large gift to his brother, he was still a very rich man, yet he was able to keep a detailed accounting of all of his possessions and knew when something was missing. (Maybe this explains last weeks Parsha as to why he was so confident that no one had taken his father in-law’s idols.)

In any case, the lesson is clear, it’s important to be a good steward of your objects. 

Can you imagine doing that today? 

It’s difficult because you have SO MUCH STUFF!!!

I’m not opposed to stuff. 

(Here’s a secret about me – I love gadgets – and I really have to hold myself back from buying them!)

Stuff isn’t inherently bad. 

What’s worse is when you have too much stuff and you can’t take care of it or yourself and your family. 

I believe that Jacob, despite being very wealthy, was selective about what he owned and carefully maintained and cared for his possessions. 

Take a page out of his book and do the same.  

Curate your best collection of things and then don’t go back to your old ways by bringing more stuff into your life, learn to feel happy with what you have. 

If you’re ready (and even if you aren’t – jump in) to start curating your best collection of objects, live your best life, and have more time, money, energy, and space, then hit reply to this email and let me know exactly how you’re going to start making a change in your life or join the Journey to Organization Membership today, and get started now!  If you start now, you’ll see how easy Pesach prep will be!


Happy Organizing!