winter coats hanging up

It’s after Sukkot and here in Israel, that means that the rainy season is fast approaching.


You know what that means- time to organize your coats, jackets, and rain gear!


Here are some things you may need:


✔️ Rain jacket

✔️ Rain Hat

✔️ Rain Boots/shoe protectors

✔️ Umbrella

✔️ Winter Coat

✔️ Winter Scarf

✔️ Winter Gloves

✔️ Winter Hat

✔️ Warm boots

✔️ Front door mats that collect mud and water so you don’t track it into the house.


This of course depends on where you live. I know this is a lot of stuff to have, so check for objects that can:


  1. Do double duty


  1. Invest in good quality durable pieces so you don’t have to buy from year to year (check out this podcast episode with Tara Button from Buy It Once for some great options:


  1. For kids see if you can borrow from friends for lesser-used items like rain boots. This saves money and is better for the environment.


Do you need help storing your coats? Check out this podcast for more on how to store them and show us a picture in the comments of what you do!


Are you looking to get your coats or other areas in your home organized? Book a consultation today and let’s do this!