mom cooking with her children

About a quarter of the way through my Pesach seder prep, and 21 hours to go… feels like progress.

The kitchen was totally cleaned and made kosher for Pesach by last night and I have already started my cooking, for 19 people (and two babies).  All the shopping is complete.

How did this happen you ask?  Well team work and organization.  My husband and I split the

work and that makes things go faster and more smoothly… I cleaned out most of the oven, he passed the steam mop over it.  (The shark steam mop is one of my favorite cleaning products- one day I will write a post about it.)  I scrubbed the sink clean, and he poured boiling water over it.  He set up the folding tables, I set them, and so on and so forth.  The point is, having a someone to work in tandem with makes it easy.

Of course my kids helped, they helped set the table, and they help put away laundry, and cut veggies, and whatever other odd jobs there are – this makes a difference also.

Between working together, and my secret weapon, spreadsheets, I am able to know what needs to get done, and plan in my mind, the timing of everything.  Spreadsheets not only help me stay organized, but they allow me to delegate, and remember from year to year what I buy, make, and need to get done. They also allow me to wait for the last minutes for somethings like the asparagus, and the chicken which will taste better if I make them closer to dinner tomorrow.

So, to really stay organized for a large task it helps,  to have a good partner in crime. Your spouse or a hired hand, makes no difference, just as long as you can work in harmony with the person.

Let us know who your partner in crime is in the comments below.