How an Accidental Course Creator Generated Over $200K with Just One Launch

with Jamie Sears

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Would you believe me if I told you that one of my star students generated well over 6 figures on her very first launch?

Would you believe me if I also told you that student was an elementary school teacher?

How about a mother of five? 

Well, friend, I’m here to tell you that Jamie Sears did just that. It all started when Jamie’s hubby listened to a podcast episode about courses and nudged his wife to have a go at creating one. 

Jamie resisted at first. At that point, she didn’t even have a solid course idea. What really lights me up about this story is that Jamie didn’t let uncertainty or lack of clarity stop her from taking action. She saw the possibilities a course would offer and she moved forward one step at a time.

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [05:16] The grassroots origins of how Jamie created online resources for her students, and other teachers started asking her for help
  • [07:02] The #1 question Jamie’s audience was asking her about, which helped her to decide on her course topic (and it wasn’t what she really wanted to teach on). How Jamie’s husband recommended that she join the Digital Course Academy.
  • [09:38] How Jamie learned more about what her future students wanted from her by going where they hung out, and by really listening to their questions. She also shares how even though her audience was small in the beginning, she kept showing up for her Facebook Lives and how that paid off.
  • [13:30] How Jamie not only got huge results in Digital Course Academy, but she followed the framework and made it her own as she progressed.
  • [15:20] What Jamie’s children helped her to see from her wall of Post-it Notes.
  • [17:58] How Jamie grew her list by 7,000 new subscribers during her launch (without spending a ton on ads).
  • [24:39] Jamie’s mind-blowing pricing and results.
  • [27:15] How Jamie got testimonials before her launch was even through.
  • [51:01] A piece of advice Jamie recommends to other course creators: Don’t try to do what everyone else does just go to where your people already are.

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