How to Set Goals

Today’s episode is in honor of National Kick Butt Day, and I felt it was the perfect timing to discuss how to set goals- and STICK TO THEM.

As the end of the Georgian year comes to an end and the Jewish new year begins, a lot of people have “yearly goals” on their minds.
In today’s podcast, I provide 3 easy steps on how to set goals and share my secrets on sticking to them, even if you feel you want to give up.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [01:13] Tip #1: Write out or design your goals in a list or vision board form
  • [02:17] Imagine what it will look and feel like when you have reached your goal- employ ALL your senses!
  • [03:13] Tip #2: Figure out what tools you need to help reach your goals
  • [08:50]  If one tool is not available to you, don’t use it as an excuse to not reach your goals. Find a way around it or recalibrate yourself to be able to reach your goal no matter what. 
  • [13:00] Tip #3: Break down the goal into manageable steps.
    Sounds simple, right? But this is something I see with many of my clients. They have the goals they want to accomplish, but they don’t have the time management skills to be able to actually accomplish their goals.
  • [14:55] (Whatever the goal may be) set parameters for yourself in order to maintain a manageable goal – with manageable steps!
  • [21:37] Don’t let things, such as time, stand in your way. There are always going to be distractions that come up while trying to complete your goal, and if you get sidetracked- keep moving forward!
  • [23:40] You don’t need to go from 0-60 in one night. By making a goal more management for yourself, you give yourself a higher chance of making your goal something that will actually stick.
  • [25:47] if you have more than one goal, then it can be easier to take the next step towards the next goal in line.

If you need help making your goals come to fruition- book a session with me! Let’s work together to get the tools, time, and accountability you need to stick to and accomplish your goals!

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