Storage Containers

Whatever you do, DO NOT go out and buy storage containers before you declutter. 

In today’s episode, I will discuss this mistake so many people make, and when to purchase storage containers in your decluttering process.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For:

  • [01:58] Putting things into boxes is not always the solution.
  • [08:01] If you do need to buy storage, you need to declutter first so that you can plan exactly what you need, and where to put it. 
  • [11:45] I definitely recommend storage containers for playrooms, in storage units, switching out winter clothes, and storing coats. 
  • [19:36] Storage containers are great to save things, and saving things is fine. But you do not need to save everything, only save useful things. 
  • [26:56] If you need a storage container, figure out exactly which one you need. First, declutter and make sure that you buy the right size and style for your space. If you can avoid plastic and use more natural materials that are even better!
  • [27:31] Thinking about what type of storage is going to serve you best is what is going to help you stay organized and curtail you from over purchasing and overspending.

You CAN Conquer Your Clutter- Join me in one of my Done In A Day Declutter sessions to organize your space, minus throwing everything into storage containers.

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