Don’t Panic – with Aviva Yoselis

Today, Aviva Yoselis from http://healthadvize.com/ is back! (See episode 115)  We talk  about how to deal with your mental health during this crisis, how to care for yourself and your family, and how long we can expect to be in a social distancing stage.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [02:00] What is the coronavirus and how does it spread?
  • [05:30] How you arrange your house can make it easier to clean everything thoroughly in your house. 
  • [06:20] How can people with underlying mental health issues help themselves feel balanced through social distancing?
  • [07:47] Have a routine for yourselves and make a checklist of daily things to accomplish
  • [12:40] It is important to remain in contact with a mental health professional during this time of limited socialization
  • [19:50] OCD in times of Corona
  • [21:43] How to prepare to go out to public places ie the supermarket. 
  • [25:20] The importance of quarantine
  • [30:00] What to do if you have a live-in caretaker or need one for your family members. 
  • [34:30] Aviva’s quarantine tips

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