How to Deal With Collectors

Are you a collector? 

How about your partner or child? 

Do you collect one type of thing or many?

Collections can turn into problems mighty fast — learn what to do with collectors and collections in this week’s episode. 

Key Takeaways To Tune in For:

  • [00:53] The difference between a collector and a hoarder. 
  • [04:03] Collections become too much to handle when people stop becoming selective about what they’re collecting.
  • [08:01] Children who collect items, toys, etc. 
  • [10:10] As a parent, when you show your kids that you value their collection and you value them, it will make it easier for them to agree to downsize their collection.
  • [12:44] Adults with collections.
  • [13:12] By encouraging adults with collections to use their collections as decor, it will help to manage and prioritize the most important items in their collection.
  • [15:02] Living with a collector: how to find common ground.
  • [17:53] When to get help if you have a hoarding issue.

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