Get on the Decluttering Train

What happens when your partner isn’t on the decluttering train with you?

It can be rough –  which is why this week I will talk about some solutions for what you can do when your family isn’t on board the train with you and ways to help prevent you from feeling resentful.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:23] You need to look at the cluttered situation, figure out what the issue is, and then find the motivation to move forward by speaking with your spouse. 
  • [03:55] if you have a lot of paperwork to organize, set aside time one day a week where you and your spouse sit down and organize all the paperwork together. 
  • [05:50] If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on how (and when) to organize, you need to find another person- an accountability buddy,  to work with you and help you organize your stuff. 
  • [06:13] Decluttering is contagious! Once you start the decluttering process, other members of your family will catch on as well. 
  • [10:00] If you can find a common ground of what needs to get organized, then you and your spouse can work together to organize that area of your home. 
  • [13:50] It is important to acknowledge when you need help and know how to ask for help from our partners. 
  • [16:30] What to do if other peoples stuff is getting in your way of decluttering

If you are struggling with you clutter and need a partner to help guide you through it – book a Done In A Day Declutter session with me today!

In this session, we establish goals of what room (or rooms) you want to declutter over a 4 hour period. During which, I will check in with you throughout that time to make sure that you are meeting your goals, answer any questions, and provide encouragement and guidance when needed.

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