Are You a Returner?

When you shop, do you buy extra and plan to return things that don’t work out?

Are you losing money because you forget to return things?

One of the biggest problems I see with my clients is “the wall of returns” which consists of items they bought and still have yet to return.
In today’s podcast, I speak about where I think this problem comes from, what to do if YOU are a returner, and how to keep your money in your wallet!

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [01:00] When you don’t shop with intention, you end up shopping for things you do not need.
  • [04:27] If you do not find what you are looking for, leave the store. If you don’t leave then you will most likely end up buying something you do not need. 
  • [05:20] If you DO end up getting an item that you want to return- set a reminder for yourself on your calendar to return it in time!
  • [07:45] Retail therapy is not therapeutic. 
  • [11:05] If you are someone who consistently buys and returns, try to cut down on how many places you do buy from so that you don’t have to run around all over the place to return the items, and keep them in a place where you know they won’t get forgotten about.

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