Chanukah Cooking & Organization

Naomi Nachman, Rosa Seidenwar, and Tamar Ansh join in on the podcast today! 

Learn tips and tricks on how to organize in your kitchen for Chanukah and while cooking and baking for Chag!  These three amazing women drop some really great tips on how to keep your kitchens clean, how to organize yourself while cooking, and how to store your food!

Let me know how you like it!

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [02:42] Naomi Nachman on how to organize yourself to be able to enjoy the Chanukah candles
  • [03:20] Naomi’s 4 Menu Planning Tips:
  1. Make your Chanukah menu ahead of time
  2. Know what parties (if any) you’re going to
  3. Make sure to do your shopping ahead of time
  4. Prep your batter for any fried foods the morning of. You don’t need to wait until after candle lighting to do everything. 
  • [05:10] You can cook and freeze things ahead but you need to know how to reheat it properly. 
  • [14:23] Baking with Rosa: Doughnut Muffins and tips for an easier baking experience
  • [20:00] Rosa’s 3 Tips for Easier Baking:
  1. Read the recipe through the whole way BEFORE you begin and get all your ingredients together before you begin.
  2. Clean up as you go
  3. Have fun!
  • [32:05] Getting organized to bake challah with Tamar Ansh and how to get your family involved in the baking and cleanup process
  • [32:54] Tamar’s 4 tips to stay organized when baking:
  1. Use time management to block out a time for baking
  2. Clear your workspace BEFORE you begin
  3. Prepare your ingredients ahead of time
  4. Break the baking process down into manageable tasks
  • [40:50] Get your family to help with cleanup by setting a timer and working together
  • [44:00] Make cleanup easier for kids by making a checklist for them of smaller, more manageable tasks. 
  • [48:00] How to store ingredients

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