Tisha B’Av

Getting ready for a fast can be difficult. On today’s podcast, I speak about how to get organized for the fast of Tisha B’Av coming from a place of personally mourning the loss of my mother going straight into national mourning.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [01:54] At first glance there are not a lot of things you can say about organization relating to Tisha B’Av but I think that there are some aspects of organization related to mourning that we can all learn from. 
  • [04:14] What I think the difference is between personally mourning the loss of a loved one and national mourning the destruction of the Jewish Temple. 
  • [07:05] With national mourning, you have a way to be prepared that it’s coming as opposed to private mourning can be unexpected, and without time to prepare.
  • [10:27] I believe that there is value to taking the time to prepare oneself for events by speaking about life events with our loved ones. 
  • [17:02] I always see a list of things people suggest to do to prepare for the fast. This shows that there is always a level of preparation that needs to go into planning Jewish life cycle events, to not be caught off guard. 

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