Why I Do Not Make My Bed

This past week, September 11, was national make my bed day and I thought I would share with you why I don’t make my bed.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [01:15] As a child, I never had a problem making my bed when asked, but I never liked it. I don’t like getting into a cold bed and in the wintertime, I did not like feeling cold as soon as I got into bed at night. 
  • [02:17] I do not insist that my kids make their beds, and I do not have a preference for what they do. 
  • [03:34] Another reason why I do not make my bed is that I like to let the bed get aired out from any sweat or dead skin cells that shed every night. 
  • [04:27] My husband makes his bed, whereas I do not and it does drive him crazy as for HIM- it makes him feel tidy and like the room is put together. 
  • [05:56] The one time I DO like to make my bed is when we change the sheets. I love the feeling of getting into a crisp and clean bed!
  • [06:18] We also do not have a lot of throw pillows on our beds as they add clutter and have very little use,  no matter how nice they look. 
  • [08:10] In an ideal world, I would just slightly pull the top sheet down a bit, but instead, I enjoy making my bed right before I get into bed. 

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