Parshat Vayishlach & Moving In Biblical Times

Today I want to talk about this coming week’s Parsha, moving in biblical times, and how it all comes down to organization.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [02:00] A move today across a desert to a new country is difficult today as it is (and we have moving companies who do a chunk of the work) but imagine moving this far, with 12 children and all your livestock 4,000 years ago!
  • [06:00] Every single item we own is a gift from Gd. Every single item we own brings a blessing to our lives. Sometimes, when we are finished with an item, we can pass on that blessing to someone else. 
  • [10:46] But how does this story of Jacob going back for his small jars relate to organization?
  • [11:05] This is a very important example of not just how we should treat everything we own with respect, but it is extremely important to dispose of them properly when we are finished using them. 
  • [13:05] In biblical times, they did not have trash and recycling pick up: every single item they owned had to have value and have a purpose in their lives. We can learn so much from this concept: If we treat our items as disposable, we have to know that they don’t just disappear when we’re done using them.
    Every item you own is a gift from Gd and should have a purpose in adding value to your life.
  • [20:15] I urge you to consider how much you have (and what you actually need) take care of what you have, and always treat your possessions and your home with respect: the more you fill it with unnecessary items, the less space you will have for yourself to live your best life.

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