Evan Saltzman

Today, in honor of my 100th episode I sit down and speak with a very special guest- my husband! We speak about trying to go zero waste, our relationship, my husband’s love of baking, and how we stay organized when cleaning for Pesach. 

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:50] Evan’s famous wedding cake baking story.
  • [07:15] How Evan decides what to bake based on what we have in the house
  • [08:26] Our tip to avoid food waste
  • [09:35] Why we do Zero Waste (and try the best we can when buying things in a zero waste way)
  • [13:20] The story behind our organization transformation
  • [15:24] Who’s more of a minimalist- me or Evan?
  • [22:12] Our secret to a successful marriage after 18 years of marriage!
  • [27:32] How we organize our Pesach cleaning (and get in a nap on Erev Pesach!)

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