How Having Less Stuff Made Spending 10 Days Alone With My Kids Easier

In today’s episode I speak about my experience of being alone with my kids for 10 days straight. It was challenging, it was eye opening, and it made me realize how having less stuff made it that much easier. Shout out to the single parents out there because this is hard! One thing is for sure when you are used to doing things one way, and then you have to switch it up, it feels great when you have succeeded in your new reality. That is totally how I felt.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:20] Why this week was the most difficult week of my life, and why having less stuff helped get me through it.
  • [09:53] Delegate to your kids (if they’re old enough), it is a HUGE help! And the kids feel more accomplished, they took more responsibility when doing tasks on their own and how time management works.
  • [11:50] Break down big tasks for your kids without a time constraint. Kids want order, and if they have too big of a task and they can’t do it all at once, they can get frustrated. Make sure to do a little every day to kids to make it more manageable for them.
  • [14:05] Having less stuff helped keep everything in check for me these past 10 days. Ita allowed me to be able to focus on the things that were important to me i.e. tucking in my kids every night, and being a better parent this week.
  • [14:55] If we had more stuff, I don’t know if I would have been able to handle everything that needed to get done these past 10 days on my own and feeling as intact as I felt.
  • [20:23] Family dinner was the main focus every night. No cellphones, we cleaned up together, and did everything as a team.
  • [21:20] Another big takeaway – plan more. Reach out to your neighbors when you need help.

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