Sentimental Items

This week I discuss why sentimental items are such triggers and why I suggest you deal with them at the end of the decluttering process with Balagan Be Gone.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [00:58] What do you do with sentimental items? In my 10 Rules of Organization, I suggest that you declutter the rest of your house first, and organize sentimental items last. 
  • [01:55] Categories of sentimental items: things we keep because we love them, gifts that we feel obligated to keep, items are passed down through the family, items that are not useful but we keep them anyway.
  • [02:58] How to deal with any issues related to keeping sentimental items. 
  • [04:20] Photographs
  • [07:21] Prioritizing your sentimental items
  • [12:26] We have to ask ourselves with some sentimental items: What do we want our kids to find?
  • [15:13] Choose to let things go. The more you have the more you worry, and the more responsibility you have. 

Make sure to check out my 10 Rules of Organization for more tips on organizing your sentimental items.  (Link below to the FREE download!)


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