Arts & Crafts- Where Do I Put My Things?

In today’s episode I will be addressing a listener’s question: Where do I put my stuff?

This is a loaded question and today we will address how everything we own has the ability to overtake us if we do not give it a place to live. 

We will also discuss how getting into the habit of putting things away right after using them, will help with your time management when keeping your arts and crafts corner, or your house, organized.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [01:59] Giving an item a piece of space is an indication that I am making room for this object because this object is important to me. 
  • [02:55] Listener question: Where do I store my arts and crafts?
  • [04:46] Like items should be stored together, if you store some of your arts and crafts in the kitchen, you should store all the arts and crafts in the kitchen.
  • [10:51] Find a designated space for everything, and keep labels of what is included in that space. This will help you keep better track of what you have so that you know what you are out of and when. 
  • [13:09] If you take the time to put something back in its place right after using it, it will be easier for the next time you use it and it will be easier to maintain the clutter. 
  • [16:35] Keep your items wherever they are most convenient for you, but if you don’t label it, give these items a designated home and store like items together, it will be more difficult later on trying to stay organized. 
  • [17:30] Give your family the tools they need to help maintain order and manage where to put things so that everyone knows where the like items belong.

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