Pack For Camp (Or Dorm Living)

In today’s episode, I have a special guest, Melissa Goldwag, from PackForCamp.com (by Murray the Sockman),  speaking to us about what the best way for parents to pack for camp in a seamless and hassle-free way.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:29] What are the must-haves for camp (or dorm living)?
  • [08:46] What can you skip? Anything that is worth money, or that you want it to come back home, should stay at home. Anything valuable should stay at home because it can be lost or damaged. 
  • [11:36] Time management when packing for camp: How much time you need to make sure you can get everything in time. 
  • [13:24] The earlier you get things done, the more time (and money!) you will save!
  • [14:16] Labels for your items
  • [18:18] Luggage: Getting the stuff to camp or the dorms. 
  • [21:43] What to do with important documents or cash
  • [24:00] Successful packing tips for you and for your kids when they pack to come home
  • [26:46] Bonus tips for camp and increasing the camp experience for your kids
  • [28:58] The difference between packing for camping and packing for dorm living
  • [34:55] Melissa’s Top Picks

Make sure to check out the Pack For Camp Video Series for more tips and tricks to get your kids to and from camp smoothly and without clutter. 



You can contact Melissa directly at [email protected]

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