Moving can be stressful. 

Who am I kidding… moving IS stressful!

To help alleviate some of your stress, I lay out what to do in the weeks leading up to a big (or even small) move. And even if you aren’t one of the fortunate souls who are moving this summer, stay tuned! We’re gonna talk about planning and how you can incorporate this planning into your daily life.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [00:52] Moving is a great time to take stock of not just what you have, but of what you don’t need anymore.
  • [01:20] At a minimum you want to start decluttering for a move about 8 weeks before so that you don’t feel rushed. 
  • [02:51] 6 weeks before the move is when you should gather your packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and colored tape.
  • [08:00] 4 weeks before you want to start doing your really heavy packing. This is a great time to pack all the books, lesser-used kitchen items, extra toys, and anything that you want to get rid of. 
  • [11:00] Make an inventory list of the items and boxes you are moving.
  • [14:03] 2 weeks before you should confirm the movers, confirm with anyone helping you (babysitters, pet sitters, etc). Now is a good time to contact utility companies to disconnect current utilities and set utilities up in your new place.
  • [17:05] 1 week before you’re going to have to finish packing. Now is the time to start putting things in zones: what you want the movers to pack, what you want to pack, what is being donated etc. 
  • [18:30] A few days before the move, reconfirm with the movers again. You will need to get the keys to your new home, hand off the keys of your old home.
  • [19:33] The day before the move you will want to take out cash to tip and pay the movers with, deal with as much food left in the fridge and freezer, separate, and contain your valuables.
  • [20:35] My recommended list of items to keep with you at all times throughout the move.
  • [23:20] On moving day make sure to have someone at the new place to keep everyone on track

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