What does a personal organizer do?

In today’s episode, I talk about what personal organizers do, why they cost so much, and why their sessions are so long? Tune in and let’s get started on your Journey To Organization

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [01:20] The reason why it’s important to have a professional personal organizer as opposed to someone who is new to the field, the most experienced they are, the more they understand how to get you to your goal. 
  • [02:41] The basics of why you would want to use a professional, and experienced, personal organizer.
  • [05:28] Why professionals usually cost more than non-professionals.
  • [11:15] My feelings on the question Why do professionals have to charge so much?
  • [14:52] It is important to hire an organizer who you feel is the right fit for you.
  • [15:32] I answer listener questions!

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