We Buy Too Much Stuff

Do you have too much stuff?  This week we will talk all about school supplies. Also this week,  I will respond to Yemima Mizrachi’s back to school post and what can happen when you collect things (or too many things!)

Key Takeaways To Tune in For:

  • [00:54]  Back To School Tips from Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi that I enjoyed!
  • [04:52] Why I don’t like the message of telling your children to always buy new and never buy used because G-d is paying for it.
  • [11:12]  There’s a balance we need to strike with our kids when dealing with school supplies, that if they need something new, we will buy something new. But if we don’t need something new, we can use what we have from the year before.
  • {12:25] What helping a client organize 600 CDs made me realize.
  • [13:38]When you think about what you’re buying and how all these little purchases add up, it can add up to a sizable amount ($4500 worth of CDs!)
  • [18:40] When you’re purchasing for yourself or for your family not just think about the short term, but what is going to happen to this item in the next year so prevent wasting.
  • [19:24] As parents we need to also send a message to our kids that we are going to learn the same thing no matter if it’s a new workbook or old workbook.

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