Feelings of Loss When Decluttering

In today’s episode, I will discuss the sense of loss when decluttering that I see with a lot of my clients. Sometimes letting go of stuff is hard!  Taking a look at your feelings, being with them, and then allowing yourself to move on is an important step in decluttering.  What are some feelings you feel when you declutter?

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [01:29] My personal story about the feelings of loss when decluttering.
  • [05:31] There are a lot of feelings associated with decluttering and it’s important to recognize the feelings you’re having as you declutter.
  • [15:23] There is a huge difference between letting go of the small things versus letting go of the bigger things.
  • [17:44] Any amount that you can declutter than helps you get closer to narrowing down to only keeping what you need, makes a big difference. 
  • [21:46] If you are having trouble getting rid of something, know that it’s OK  to have negative feelings about it. Acknowledge these feelings in order to allow yourself to make space for better things to come into your life.

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